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a probe orbiting mercury has found evidence of water ice on the planet. the observations support the hoi poth sis that ice has existed at mercury's poles for millions of years. the new information comes from the messenger probe. it's been orbiting the planets closest to the sun since 2011. nasa scientists say the spacecraft observed excess hydrogen and permanently shadowed craters at mercury's north pole. they say the concentration of hydrogen is consistent with that found in water. the total amount of ice on mercury is estimated at 100 billion tons. scientists say it may have been brought by come elts or asteroids that crashed on the planet. the existence of life, however, is considered unlikely because of the planet's thin atmosphere. the prospects of finding ice on mercury received a boost in 1991 after a radio telescope in puerto rico detected bright patches at the planet's poles. >>> japanese researchers have developed a technique using tiny objects that could cause big changes in the field of solar energy. the secret is a technique that weaves round solar cells into fabric. the sph
-benefit analysis for mercury regulations of gold, for example quite >> the cost-benefit analysis for mercury was a travesty. if you look at the cost-benefit analysis carefully, all the benefits for reducing mercury came from getting rid of particular and particulars were not the focus of that particular regulations and what was interesting is the benefits focused on additional days of school, another is fewer days of school must fewer days of work missed because of lower levels of particular because that particular relation to asthma. over the past 25 years has gone down tremendously, mostly because of this which are invited to on london. the incidence of asthma is going up. the center for disease control does not have a strong link between asthma and particular, but that was the basis of the mercury rule. this has resulted in very large to coal-fired power plant to have to close because of this. we party had 110 coal-fired power plants close since january january 2010. it's also interesting where the das aims can send about airborne mercury, they don't seem to be concerned about houses and
always opposed is putting toxic chemicals or medals in the vaccinations. the marisol contains mercury. when i was a boy, we used to have mercury in thermometers. and they said, if you break that thermometer and the mercury gets on your hands, as years went by, that was toxic. in indianapolis, we had a school where, in the chemical laboratory, in the health science room, they broke a vial that had some of it in it. they evacuated that school. the fire department came in with all kinds of equipment to make sure they were not exposed to it. women who are pregnant, they say don't eat fish that has mercury in it and they cautioned them, the that there is surgeonfish you can eat. there are all kinds of reasons not to be exposed to mercury. yet we continue to put it in vaccinations as a preservative. in 1929, they came up with for marisol. they tested it on 29 people who had meningitis. they all died of meningitis, but the the mercury in the vaccination was not a contributing factor. so since 1929, it has never been completely tested and they continue to use it in vaccinations. it was not so
of mercury insurance. >> only difference we're making is that you can take this, these loyalty periods with you. but not doing anything else. >> the loyalty period will move with you from company to company. discounts might not. why? they're set by each individual insurance company. you can't make an insurance company give you a discount that it doesn't offer. >> you're taking the concept of a discount but not necessarily the discount? >> that is right. >> look at this loyalty discount. 8%. the company calls it a renewal credit. if this policy holder moves to mercury insurance, hifltry would move but the discount would be left behind. again, mercury insurance's george joseph. >> what loyalty discounts does mercury overhear in california? >> almost nothing now. none. >> mercury premium could be cheaper and many times, will be but the discount still doesn't move. so don't think prop 33's moveable loyalty discounts has a coupeon. you hold that each company must honor, it's not like that. the yes on 33 people told me they do expect insurance companies to start competing using them. >> i'm
was a travesty. if you look at a cost benefit analysis carefully all the benefits from reducing mercury came from getting rid of particulates and particulates were not the focus of that particular regulation and what was interesting was additional days of school. fewer days of school mist, fewer days of work missed because of lower levels of particulates in particular because particulates relation to asthma. over the past 25 years the level of particulates in our air has gone down tremendously because of the switch from leaded to unleaded gasoline but at the same time the incidents of asthma are going up. the centers for disease control on its web site does not have a strong link between asthma and particulates but that was the basis of the mercury rule and this has resulted in large cost to calm mines, more coal-fired power plants are going to close because of this. we already had 110 coal-fired plants close since january of 2010 and it is also interesting that where the epa seems very concerned about airborne mercury they don't seem to be concerned about us bringing it into houses in fluorescen
for reducing mercury came from getting rid of particulates but they were not the focus of that regulation and. also to focus on additional days because of the lower levels of particulates in relation to as much. will level of particulates go down tremendously switching to unleaded gasoline but the incidence goes up the cdc has not show a strong link between asthma and particulates. more coal-fired power plants will have to close. we already have 110 coal-fired plants close since january 2010. and the epa seems marked concern to about airborne mercury but not about fluorescent light balls bring it into the house. [laughter] the epa website has strict instructions if one breaks because it contains mercury. you should clear the room for 15 minutes and could not sweep up the way send a paper towel or sticky tape then the entire broken bow to a recycling center. how many people will be bothered to do this? why did they bring it into people's homes if they are so concerned with the coal-fired power plant? that does not make sense. >> it is it operating? would it is the offending flow? day think the
a live report on new findings from the planet mercury. jenna: well, so far there have been few public signs of progress in talks to keep the nation from falling over that fiscal cliff. republicans agreeing in principle on the need to raise revenue, but democrats apparently offering very little in the way of specific spending cuts. house speaker john boehner not mincing words moments ago. >> first, despite the claims that the president support ors a balanced approach -- supports a balanced approach, democrats have yet to get serious about real spending cuts. and secondly, no substantive progress has been made in the talks between the white house and the house over the last two weeks. listen, this is not a game. jobs are on the line, the american economy is on the line, and this is a moment for adult leadership. jenna: well, on the other side of the aisle, senate majority leader harry reid says he's still waiting for, quote, a reasonable proposal from speaker boehner. so while we're all waiting, congresswoman lynn jenkins is a member of the ways and means committee, she's also the new v
, there is ice on mercury, more than a trillion tons, important because mercury is the closest planet to the sun, but the ice can be found closer to mercury's poles. >>> and this picture was taken in a place called false bay off the coast of south africa. but it is in fact, real. a nature photographer set up rubber seals in the water as bait, waited three days to capture the series of photos of a 13-foot great white leaning out of the water to get its catch. >>> and new list of popular baby names for 2012, so you can see if you or somebody else is part of a trend. top names for boys, aiden, jackson, ethan, liam, mason. for girls, ending in the letter a, ava, sophia, isabella, very exotic. and there is this, the keeper of the baby name stats say they're starting to pick up evidence of baby girls being named after the characters in "50 shades of gray". >>> up next, the photo of a cop's generous gesture that has become something of a sensation. leaping over h>>> finally toni photo taken by a tourist who saw something on a cold night in times square. and the photo has warmed a lot of hearts as it ha
today. the planet closest to the sun mercury has ice at its poles. the findings came from "messenger"-- the first spacecraft to orbit mercury. the ice was found in the permanently shadowed region of the north pole. scientists said they believe there's ice at the planet's south pole as well. and in washington, one of those scientists, david lawrence, said it's no small amount. >> if you add it all up you have 100 billion to one trillion metric tons of ice. now of course, those numbers are big it's hard to know what to do with them. so we can bring it down to earth, in fact here in this town, if you take the amount of ice we consider to be at mercury right now, stack up the entire area of washington d.c. by about two to two and a half miles of ice, that is what is current presently at mercury's poles. >> sreenivasan: the "messenger" team said the ice likely came from comets and asteroids that crashed into mercury. those impacts may also account for dark material that could be the remnants of organic matter. those are some of the day's major stories. now, back to jeff. >> brown: and we
. >> nasa scientists say they found ice on mercury. the planet that is closest to the sun. the frozen water is at the polls, which are almost permanently in shadow. the information was delivered by the messenger spacecraft, which landed on mercury last year. >> in germany, a nuclear waste site that has been at the center of often violent protests is seeing and hauled in exploratory work there. the decision was handed down by the environment minister. >> and it should clear the way for talks on a final storage site for germany's nuclear waste. politicians hope to reach across party consensus before the next elections. >> plans to exploit the potential for a permanent nuclear waste storage facility have been put on hold until after the lower saxony state elections in january. politicians hope the delay will aid the search for a storage solution all parties support. >> there will be no more exploration of the site until after the election. my goal is to discontinue the work there for good. instead, we should come up with plans for a nationwide storage facility which all the parties can agree o
. >> have two blankets. i try to stay under it and keep warm but not easy. >> reporter: with the mercury dropping and a nor'easter in the forecast this week city officials are scrambling to find shelter for as many as 40,000 people. this woman is trying to make her staten island home livable again. her first floor was flooded drowning her pet birds. >> got to take it little by little, step by step and try to get the help we need to start rebuilding. >> reporter: perfect strangers are helping with sunday's new york marathon cancelled a group of runners showed up at mary ellen's home. >> wonderful people. digging us out. it's just overwhelming. >> reporter: donation centers are popping up on sidewalks and parking lots throughout staten island to help those who have been left with nothing. volunteers are giving everything away from clothes to stuffed animals. gas shortages are hampering recovery efforts. stations with gas have lines stretching for blocks. one station is using old-fashioned hand pumps to get gas out of the underground tanks. >> i can feed my family. have hot water. >> report
time despite the planet heat nasa scientist say there's plenty of ice on mercury. space agency mercury orbiting probe messenger has found ice at the planet north and south pole. scientist say it's at least one and a half feet deep and possibly as much as 65 feet deep. that is despite the fact that the size of mercury facing the sun is a amazingly hot. 700 -- 4 30 degrees celsius at the equator. it's closest to the sun as you know. >>> back on our planet in the central valley near merced scientist and environmentalist work to go save what they describe as national treasure. restoration of the san joaquin river is a story we have been reporting on for years. yesterday abc 7 news mark matthews went along to witness historic milestone. >>reporter: scientist with the california department of fish and game on a rescue mission. they are trapping chinook salmon in this part of the river near merced in an effort to restore the fish to river that is being brought back to life. >> this is an important milestone in the san joaquin river restoration program. >>reporter: executive director of t
torn up. >> jim made maceda, thank you. >>> coming up, snas revealing a major discovery on mercury. we'll have you for you next. plus why dollar bills could soon be a thing of the past. it's just one of the things that we thought you should know. ♪ aids is not going to take my baby. ♪ aids will not take our future. ♪ our weapons are testing... education, care and support. ♪ and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪ something this delicious could only come from nature. new nectresse. the 100% natural no-calorie sweetener made from the goodness of fruit. new nectresse. sweetness naturally. >>> house republicans score a victory on immigration. the house today approved a republican immigration bill aimed at providing more visas to foreign nationals with advanced college degrees. but the bill has little chance of making it through the senate. that's because it's opposed by democrats. democrats say they oppose it because it eliminates a program that provides visas for people from underrepresented countries. >>> emergency crews are responding to a freight train
from the "mercury news," and we're here because we live in a global cloueconomy. it has altered local economies because so many manufacturing and technology jobs are moving, whether it is a matter of costs for going where the trained work force is. we're fortunate to have to governors here to talk about how that change affects their jobs and what they're doing to jump- start their economies which compete with one another. this could be fun. let me start with our guest. governor hickenlooper. i knew that was going to happen. most of us here are pretty much aware of california's budget crisis. can you give us a quick briefing on where colorado is and what you are trying to do to turn things around? >> our budget is just as dressed as almost every state in the country. we have been working trying to control costs, get our pension funds in line, our state employees have not had a raise in four years. it has been difficult all the way around. the real challenge has been to try and turn public sentiment and get people to recognize it without a strong economy. it will not solve any of these
in data from the first space craft to or bit mercury. for years radar measurements suggested there was ice at mercury's north and south poles. you see them in red there. they are permanently in the shadow and researchers say the newest data from nasa's messenger space craft confirms frozen water, at reese a foot deep in mercury's north pole. the planet has no atmosphere. it can't hold the heat in the nearby sun. despite the findings there is little chance of any life on mercury. there was a kardashian involved in a manner of speaking in the first bench clearing brawl of the nba season. he he is never going to live it down. the player charged with starting last night's fight is speaking out. a new rivalry boston and brooklyn, bring it. there's big news. presenting androgel 1.62%. both are used to treat men with low testosterone. androgel 1.62% is from the makers of the number one prescribed testosterone replacement therapy. it raises your testosterone levels, and... is concentrated, so you could use less gel. and with androgel 1.62%, you can save on your monthly prescription. [ male announc
are trying to get more information from the sheriff's office because the mercury news is stating that the pastor had no knowledge of letter and we are in the process again of trying to contact the sheriff's office and as the morning goes on, we will get hold of the church oh officials. reporting hive jeanine della vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> for a change we have some good news. the analyst says california is now facing a $1.9 billion den fit and that's well better than the budget previously suspected. now improving economy and new tax revenues from prop 30 are all credit ted. >>> san francisco city hall should be back to nominal. that fire caused power outages until 7:15 last night. the cause of the fire is still being investigated. >>> sal, do you have everything under control on the east shore? >> i think i to let's take a look at the commute. we started off well but we have an earlier send it but toll plaza is looking nice if you are driving westbound. no problems on the lower deck of san francisco and the commute looks good into the city. 101 is off to a good start
on the planet mercury. the data confirmed the theory. mercury is the closest plan toot the such but temperatures can drop below freezing at night. >>> the senate voted to accelerate the withdrawal of forces from afghanistan. the amendment is in conflict with the house that passed a bill calling for president obama to maintain a force of 68,000 troops in afghanistan through the end of 2014. >>> the u.s. government has identified prisons in the united states that could be used to house terrorists. they could move to six military brigs and prisons across the country. the findings support closing guantanamo bay. right now there are 166 terrorist being held at guantanamo bay. >>> a girl who was humiliated in a airport pat down, now congress is asking questions, why they heard no answers today. >> tomorrow's commute and the next storm that i was talking about that comes this week. week-- that comes this weekend. >>> congress is investigating a airport screening accident. a 17-year-old girl ended up partially nude during a pat down. why there were plenty of questions today but no answers. >> reporter:
for the rpv. this report deliberately omits studies dealing with lead, mercury and arsenic poisoning and fails to acknowledge the close proximity of schools to this toxic dust. ceqa requires that this report to describe feasible alternatives and adopt mitigation measures. it does not. i submit that there are clear and overwhelming legal and moral grounds to not accept this report and risk the health of the citizens. for years i listened to rationalizations by different groups by wanting the fields and rarely someone forced to live near to them or exposed to them 24 24/7 as the people will. more and more studies are available denouncing the wisdom of this in fill. i get them from the national institute of health, yale university and all over the country. synthetic fields do not mandate the use of the blark carbon in fill there and there less toxic alternatives but they make more money and make the association a little less money. in san carlos they used an alternative in a field of this size, so because of the vote of the individuals of this commission today the so called gift
hurricane sandy and last week's nor'easter to spring-like weather in the east and mercury-plunging in the west, many are asking what is with the crazy extremes in weather? anne thompson has that story. >> reporter: america has a case of weather whiplash. >> 60 degrees as our high on friday. 28 degrees as our high on saturday. >> reporter: this weekend the west went from summer to winter overnight. >> that's winter. >> it's winter. >> reporter: the northeast basks in spring-like temperatures, still recovering from superstorm sandy and the nor'easter that covered her debris in a record snowfall. this year alone the nations endured a withering drought, the largest wildfires in history and the warmest month on record. in 2011 there were 14 extreme weather events, each doing more than a billion dollars in damage. now some politicians are connecting the dots, blaming the gases that come from burning coal, oil and gas for changing the climate. >> climate change, extreme weather, it is undeniable. >> reporter: when it comes to one specific event like sandy, more scientists are mor
-like weather in the east and a mercury plunge in the west, where are asking what is with the crazy extremes in weather. nbc chief environmental affairs correspondent anne thompson has that story. >> reporter: america has a case of weather whiplash. >> 60 degrees as our high on friday and then 28 degrees as our high on saturday. >> reporter: this weekend the west went from summer to winter overnight. >> that's winter, ins stfrnlthswinter. >> reporter: the northeast bass beings in spring like temperatures, still recovering from superstorm sandy and a nor'easter. >> i'm waiting for the locusts next. >> reporter: this year alone the nation's endured a withering drought, the largest wildfires in history and the warmest month on record. in 2011 there were 14 extreme weather events each doing more than a billion in damage. now some politicians are connecting the dots blaming the gases that come from burning coal, oil and gas from changing the climate. >> climate change, extreme weather, call it what you will, but it is undeniable. >> reporter: but when it comes to a specific event like sandy, most
confirm that this letter is authentic. >> reporter: the school's priest told the "san jose mercury news" he didn't know about the letter until the night of the festival. gurries was convicted in february 2010 of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14. deputies say he was not arrested for attending this event because of the so-called letter. california penal code states a registered sex offender is allowed on school property if they have written permission from a school official. in this case if the letter is a fake, gurries will face charges. in san jose, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >>> cbs 5 reached out to the catholic diocese of san jose for comment. our calls have not been returned. >>> two women in marin county managed to tight off an armed intruder -- to fight off an armed intruder. the suspect may have stab wounds to his chest. police say the man broke into a san ra figure apartment tuesday night. one victim grabbed the suspect and turned the knife on him. police are looking at nearby hospitals for someone who is seeking medical attention for stab wounds. >>> congress wants to k
to me. >> mercury, venus -- >> when npr found out she got so upset they posted an apology that read, dear little girl, sorry we made you cry about barack obama and mitt romney. so of course that is coming out of colorado. i think a lot of people can relate to how little abby feels. five things you may want to know as you head out the door. mayor rawlings blake will launch trade baltimore.org today. this is a new web site that will feature low cost job and training skill opportunities for the city. the nonprofit jobs opportunity task force will be on hand for this launch, which will take place at the east side one stop career center. >> and you can make it possible for children in need to have presents on christmas morning. today and tomorrow the marines will be stationed at toys"r"us stores. this is happening all around baltimore. they're accepting toy donations and money. it's part of the marine's toys for to thes. >>> price of gas will be rolled back 1.84 today. it's happening at a station in towson. the group americans for prosperity, they want to show how different things were f
continues to recover. it was so low after that storm. 29.66 inches of mercury and on the rise. okay. satellite picture radar combined, you would think we're done with sandy but we're not. circulation is still huge. still about 850, 900 miles in diameter. we still have snow showers in west virginia. more snow showers in garrett county and plain old fashion rain circulating around eastern lakes or pennsylvania and new york. that is really not going to change. i think most of this stays in the mountains at least west of i81 #. but we'll keep the chance of a shower or sprinkle in overnight and we'll keep a chance of a shower tomorrow, especially north of town. but nothing heavy. more of a nuisance thing than anything else. all of the precip is back in the mountains in the morning and in this case on the other side of the divide and in the case of more snow. we had reports of 30 inches in parts of garrett county. okay. 12:00, lunch time, maybe a sprinkle up near frederick but more clouds than anything. then we get into the afternoon and finally we're seeing some clearing in the evening a
a church official to be there. the mercury news reports bishop mcgraff told parishioners he would do everything in his power to make sure it doesn't happen again. he said i'm deeply troubled and an moll this policy was not followed and added an investigation into the matter is underway at the diocese level. >>> one of the earliest starts ever and shaping in the bay area. next, why so many people are already in line for those black friday deals and why it could be a waste of time. >>> special invitation to the white house today. the special honor a bay area youth group is getting in a few hours bññcñ?x1@ú? >>> welcome back. 4:47. if you are heading you are going to run into rain and real high elevation snow stray shower or two around tahoe mostly cloudy there today and 47. increasing sunshine and warmth as you head to the south. 78 in palm springs. north we could have rain and chico, reading, 61, definitely wet in eureka, 59. >>> 4:48. this morning three bay area boaters are thankful for good samaritans who saved them from their capsizing boat half mile from pillar point in half m
he did address a mercury news editorial. >> i don't want you to be distracted by the political lynching you read today. >> reporter: today the board heard about an on going county investigation on the use of the county credit card. his expenses since 2009 approach $40,000 including casino visits, hotels, golf trips and almost 200 restaurant meals. he has reported they are business related but when he speaks to constituents they want to hear about issues, not his spending. >> i haven't been talking about a tv that's in my office that i purchased in 2009. what we talked about is the recent shooting yesterday. >> reporter: some supervisors are skeptical. >> there's a siren in the community right now. right or wrong from your perspective that's demanding a response. >> when the reviews and inquiries are completed you'll hear a little bit more from me. >> reporter: there are a lot of inquiries underway. the county plans to release the results of its audit. >> the city of walnut creek is considering a whole new look for signs meant to make the city easier to navigate. the design proc
appreciation and our deep appreciation as well to barbara of the san jose "mercury news." i know you cannot accept gifts. >> i would want to report that. >> we're hoping that sutter can accept a gift, the first dog. governor? [applause] and governor hickenlooper, your dear friend and our dear friend, dan gordon could not be here but we wanted to make sure you enjoyed his borough -- brew. >> as i have many times before, let me assure you. [applause] >> our photographer would like to get your photos. >> with or without the kibble? >> all right. >> we love our parks, but we love... >> and the community who is really the core of it all, came together and said what we need is a place for our teenager to play, not just play grounds for the kids and soccer fields but we need a skate park that will keep the kids home in the neighborhood so they can play where they live. >> the children in the neighborhood and it will be a major boone. and we have generations, the youth generations that will be able to use this park in different places. >> the best park in san francisco right here. >> creating place
of the san jose "mercury news." i know you cannot accept gifts. >> i would want to report that. >> we're hoping that sutter can accept a gift, the first dog. governor? [applause] and governor hickenlooper, your dear friend and our dear friend, dan gordon could not be here but we wanted to make sure you enjoyed his borough -- brew. >> as i have many times before, let me assure you. [applause] >> our
.01 inches of mercury. satellite picture radar combined, big storm in the west. that's where it's going to be stormy the next three, four days. we're fine in the east, finally getting rid of that nor'easter. it is still hammering parts of the coast of maine and also parts of martha's vineyard and nantucket and that area, a little snow but mainly just rain now, heaviest rain up into maine. anywhere from 6 to 8 inches of snow fell in the suburbs of new york. that was insult to injury. we have clear skies now. winds will still be with us tonight but not as strong. we had 30 mile-per-hour wins today. they'll be like 20 overnight. temperatures are in the 40s, 46 in rockville, 43 in laytonsville and gaithersburg, 47 great falls, 44 in fairfax and 47 down toward burke, 47 in old town and look at that, 47 in college park. if you factor in the winds, it feels like it's 37 in gaithersburg, feels like it's 38 in leesburg. if you're going out early tonight, dress for the 30s and 40s. if you're going out late, dress for the 20s and 30s. winds diminish slowly, breezy to windy tonight. chilly start to
and kind of high. 30.42 inches of mercury. you get a high barometer a good time to set the barometer if you have hone at home and -- one at home and you want to check it. the dew points in the upper 20s which is not bad either. at this time yesterday we were 17 degrees warmer downtown and 27 degrees warmer in leesburg. lost 27-degrees there and 27 degrees in frederick and 25 degrees in gaithersburg. and that is just straight temperature. that's not the including the windchill. right now we have 42 in rockville. but 39 in gaithersburg. 43 bethesda but 38 up in laytonsville. low 40s great falls, fairfax and burke. 43 in arlington and 44 college park and 40 also over in bowie. so factor in the winds, well it feels like 35 in leesburg and 39 in gaithersburg. so if you're going out now, just kind of dress for the 30s if you're going to go out late, it's a tuesday night. i don't know how many people go out late on tuesday night but you never know. dress for the 20s. we're going to be dry through the week. need a jacket tonight and windchills 20s and 30s and need the jacket tomorrow. pretty much a
, winds out of the south and the pressure falling a little bit 32.01 inches of mercury. here's the front, pretty easy to pick out. cooler behind the front, maybe 5 to 8 degrees cooler than average behind the front, ahead of the front 10 to 12 degrees above average. we'll have a reality check. we won't get shocked back into winter from our 70-degree reading. right now we have clouds and a couple sprinkles well to the west. this will get to hagerstown around 9:00 and into the immediate metro area around 11:00. you got some time to bach dog and enjoy the temps. -- walk the dog and enjoy the temps. it's 65 in vienna, great falls, college park and 61 in bowie. back to reality, can't stay 70 forever. grab your umbrella tonight. you'll need a jacket tomorrow and keep it handy the rest of the week, breezy, cooler. the afternoon commute will be dry, the morning commute wet across most of the metro area. here's why. by midnight tonight we see showers and rain from gaithersburg to manassas essentially through most of the metro area, a little break and then more showers over into calvert county and
. 44 right now. winds west/northwest at 15. pressure 30.35 inches of mercury. pressures don't get high until we get more in the fall and winter. colder air is denser, it weighs more. 41 in rockville. 40 in great falls. 37 in gaithersburg and 37 in latentville. even down in arlington, 41. 42 in college park. and look at that, buoy checking in at 42. when you factor in the winds, it feels like 34 in leesburg. it even feels like it's 37 downtown. that's why we said if you're going out early dress for the 30s. if you're going to go out late, dress for the 20s. we've lost 20 degrees, but good news. dry through the week. need a jacket tonight. wind chills in the 20s and 30s. you'll need a jacket all day tomorrow. it's going to be bright but brisk tomorrow. it will look imarm warm -- warmer than it is. winds in the 30s. winds turning out of the north 10 to 20. tomorrow winds are sunny, breezy and cold. you'll need a jacket and coat. by afternoon, mostly sunny, breezy and chilly. high temperatures near 50 and winds out of the northeast at 10 to 15. zone forecast, remember all six zones are on
night. pressure rising 30.21 inches of mercury, winds light, south, southwest at 3. satellite picture radar combined, zoom out to the rockies, pretty big storm, heavy snows in montana, wyoming, rain down the california coast. this will roll eastward eventually. the good news, we don't have to worry about that until late monday and particularly on tuesday. in the meantime we have clear skies, calm winds, a nice evening. temperatures, a few 30s on this map but mainly 40s, 43 in gaithersburg, 44 great falls now, 45 in fairfax. looking at 42 in laytonsville, 47 in laurel and college park. there were a few 30s on there last hour. so becoming milder, cool to chilly for high school football, milder tomorrow. warmer on sunday and still mild, veterans day, really pretty nice even though some showers y creep in late monday. tonight clear and chilly, one blanket night, 34 to 44, wind northwest at 10. by morning sunny with a chilly start but mild by lunchtime, 30s and 40s to start, but we think by lunchtime maybe 60? at least upper 50s, light wind. by afternoon mostly sunny and milder, just beaut
a little bit. but still pretty high. 30.46 inches of mercury. if you have a barometer, it's a good time to set it because the pressure is pretty darn high. and the pressure gets dry in the fall and winter because the pressure is high. the air is denser. we have a weak system. it's just like a trough, if you will. it's not even up to cold front status. it stretches from western pa back into the valley. some high clouds will continue to roll in tonight and again tomorrow. so that's going to keep it a little cooler. good news, we have no winds to speak of tomorrow. bad news, some clouds will put a little bit of a damper on the temperatures. so because of that, a cold start at the bus stop. we're talking 20s in the burbs. so high schoolers are going to have a chilly start. you'll need your shades and jacket all day. i'd keep the jacket handy too. still a little chilly. 50s not exactly warm in my book. especially with the low sun angle. nice finish to the week. friday will be great with more sunshine and a little milder air. pretty nice. so overnight, we'll say high clouds. cold. still a 1 o
of america -- 29.92 inches of mercury, pretty big band of snow through northern and central new jersey. that will go on till 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. don't travel through philadelphia and new york from about 3 p.m. to midnight we tweeted last night and that was the case. you may see a couple wet flakes later on tonight as colder air gets drawn into the system, but for the most part just light rain. winds may gust to 25 after midnight. temperatures are chilly, though. 40 in rockville. our average high is 62. we were only 46 today, 40 in great falls, fairfax, 42 in college park and 40 in bowie. tracking the nor'easter, light rain or snow east of town tonight, stays dry in the western suburbs and tomorrow morning's commute will describe as well. dress for the 40s tomorrow because of the wind. our futurecast right about now, we see the rain in baltimore, the snow in southern sections of new jersey and a little bit on the delmarva. it briefly comes back to the west and then by about 11:00 tonight it is gone. then the good news, we clear out pretty fast. tomorrow morning early clouds, bu
.20 inches of mercury. temperatures a lot of 40s in the burbs, 45 in gaithersburg, 46 reston, 47 in fairfax, but still 51 in arlington, college park, 46 in bowie, but still 51 in laurel. so 40s and 50s if you're going to do that high school football thing. right now we're looking at low 50s, 50 at 8:00. these are sort of downtown temps, subtract a couple degrees for the burbs. by 10:00 the temperatures will be in the 40s. thankfully no winds to speak of. becoming milder, cool to chilly for high school football, milder saturday, warmer on sunday and still mild on veterans day, just a few clouds coming in laker but temperature- wise a bargain. tonight -- late, but temperaturewise a bargain. tonight clear and chilly, 44, wind out of the northwest by 10. tomorrow morning mostly sunny, chilly, mild by lunch time, temperatures in the 30s and 40s, light wind. by afternoon a gorgeous day, mostly sunny, milder, beautiful, highs near 65 and winds out of the south, southeast at 10. zone forecast, remember you can access this on our website www.wusa9.com. even oakland gets near 50 tomorrow, 58 in cumbe
.37 inches of mercury. not a direct hit. breezy and cold tonight. i think tomorrow morning's commute will be dry and rain, possibly mixed with wet snow late tomorrow and especially tomorrow night. higher impact at the shore where we could see winds upwards of 50 miles per hour and there are advisories from essentially cape hatteras all the way to nan tukt. farther north you go into the long island sound, you may see winds 55 to 60 miles per hour. i don't see any heavy rain for us. the winds will be increasing as we go through tomorrow and thursday. mostly cloudy tonight, 32 to about 40. tomorrow morning, a lot of clouds, should be dry, breezy and cold. grab your jacket and umbrella. 30s to around 40 and by the afternoon, here comes some rain, especially east of 95. wet flakes possible. highs only 45, winds increase up to 20 with higher gusts. nor'easter tomorrow, that would be a 9 weather alert yellow. windy on thursday and windier thursday than wednesday, 53 and then milder on friday. back to around 60. and in the 60s over the weekend. derek. >>> thank you, top. we'll be back in a m
. right now, dew point is up a little bit. pressurizing a little bit now, 30.38 inches of mercury. so it's gonna be a little colder tonight. we have clear skies and a little colder air mass. we'll zoom out to the west. crazy stormy out west. it's going to stay that way all weekend. that's one reason it will be nice here. it's also going to remain stormy as we head into wednesday. seattle, san francisco, l.a. will have trouble. we had some clouds earlier. everything is pushing now out to sea. we're going to be with clear skies looks like through tomorrow night. temps in the 40's primarily, but 39 already in gaithersburg. 44 in great falls. and 42 already over in bowie. so a nice weekend ahead, a little chilly for high school football, nice for the terps game. you'll need your sunglasses all weekend. nice for the redskin game as well. if you're in the shade, it will be cool. if you're in the sun, it will be a little hot. one to two blanket night, 28 to 38 and winds northeasterly, 10 to 15. tomorrow, mostly sunny with a chilly start, 30's and 40's. but winds under control out of the northea
. pressure rising. 30 .12 inches of mercury. satellite picture radar combined. this is our next noreaster. it's not one yet. but that will happen tuesday night. off the coast tuesday night. off the coast by wednesday. just light rain and showers. a few rumbles of thunder through southern sections of alabama. that will become our northerlyeaster into wednesday. right now clear skies and calm wind ands a pretty dry air mass. look for a cold night. temperatures in the 40s and 30s. 40 in fairfax. 43 in arlington and 43 in college park. freeze warning tonight. bring the plants in tonight. noreaster will develop and wednesday a storm could hit us in the afternoon. tonight, clear and cold, a one or two blanket night. winds out of the northeast at 10. freeze warning in affect for the entire metro area. that will signal the end of the growing season. tomorrow morning, we are looking at sunshine. if you are going to go and vote early, jacket and gloves. 30s and 40s. and then by afternoon , partly cloudy. still kind of chilly. high temperatures near 50. winds northeasterly at 10. next three days. gr
, 30.32 inches of mercury. so satellite picture, radar gained, here's our pesky low pressure. it's well offshore but it is producing some light rain across eastern north carolina and even up into southern maryland. in fact, i had to add the chance for some sprinkles or showers for southern maryland and primarily east of i-95. everything will pull away quickly tomorrow. we're still looking for a very nice friday. we are going to have some clouds in the morning. in fact, here's our futurecast. 6:30, clouds back to frederick and leesburg and manassas, but they skedaddle pretty fast. by 4:00 or 5:00 they're out of the delmarva. we will start with a few morning clouds friday. so chilly start at the bus stop friday. you will eventually need your shades and a jacket. we're looking at morning clouds but a nice day, very nice day. not much wind. that's going make it feel a little better. the weekend looks okay. we've removed showers and clouds from sunday. overnight mostly cloudy and chilly. sprinkles and showers south and east of town, calvert county, st. mary's. not much it at all in terms of
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